Janice Murphy

As an artist, costumer, historian, reenactor, wife and mother; Janice enjoys the detail and inspiration in all she does. Many of her pieces are one of a kind being created from remnant fabrics or purposely made different through colour or technique, so they each become a work of art. She is quite pleased when her pieces find their true homes with their unique owners.


Janice is a true renaissance woman who could find herself at home in many timelines and fantasy realms. Hence this website is an online gallery and shop for those who appreciate her approach to style, art and function. Her creations have a respect for the components that make up her work, as well as, that of the end user.


My Tell-tale Heart is a member of the Celtic Daughters Artisan Co-operative, that Janice started with artist Melissa Mary Duncan. Celtic Daughters Artisans is made up of like minded predominantly female artisans who take inspiration from Highland traditions including myth, magic and faeries.


Janice is an award winning embroidery artist and costume designer and has been guest Celtic Artist at several events across Canada, including the Durham Highland Games in Ontario, as well as, guest artist at the Heart of Country Craft Markets in Ontario. Janice has been a part of the volunteer planning committees for many large scale events including being responsible for the floor plan for the Dealer Room of VCON, Vancouver's Science- Fiction, Fantasy and Gaming Convention, for several years.


Born and raised in Durham Region outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Janice currently resides in Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada with her husband, 3 teen age girls and their large dog.

Creating and retailing artisan clothing, jewellery and gifts

with Faery Tale, Celtic, Geek, Steampunk, Victorian and Viking inspiration

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