About the logo...

Some of you may know that I have spent time over the last year or so wrestling with the fact that I have many creative outlets and can be inspired at anytime of day or night. As a working wife, mother of 3 teenage daughters and one large dog, I am continually juggling with my everyday calendar items, never mind finding the time to address my creative ones. Over time I began referring to my different creative interests and enjoyments as if they were different parts of my brain. The more I wrestled with the concept and how to proceed with my business (knowing I needed a change) I realized it was more than my brain. It was my heart, soul and spirit, too.

Hearts! Now that made sense.

Currently, the logo depicts 6 hearts representing my 6 main lines of interest.

My Faery Tale Heart...

Faeries, Dragons, Myth and Fantasy rule this heart and I do love to play here, Grimm, the Frouds, the Broms, Tolkien, traditional Folklore, even the unseen in the corner of your eye find pride of place here.

My Celtic Heart...

I am an Irish girl, married to a Scot and I have been studying my Celtic roots for as long as I can remember. I have also been in love with art and architecture, castle and cathedrals to knot work and manuscripts for just as long.

My Geek Girl Heart...

The secret is out... LOL... for all of you who thought I was just the Celtic lady. I am a geek girl, through and through... before it was cool. From Star Wars to Dr. Who, from Harry Potter to the Labyrinth, from Agents of Shield to Hitchhiking the Galaxy; I have everything from a wizard wand and Vortex Manipulator to a Steampunk pistol and 4 zombie rubber duckies in my studio to prove it.

My Steampunk Heart...

This genre has something for everyone and can be extremely creative and resourceful. A Victorian romantizied "what if" science fiction where steam and gears are the norm instead of computers.

My Victorian Heart...

This is the heart that loves teapots and tea cosies, lace and steamer trunks. This is an extension of my Steampunk heart but embraces my love of the late 1800's.

My Viking Heart...

As a member of a Viking reenactment group, Reik Felag, based out of the Scandinavian Centre in Burnaby, British Columbia, I enjoy the experience of creating and wearing garments, as they would have and could have been made with historically available materials while being creative with more naturally based materials.


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