My Viking Heart...

As a member of a Viking reenactment group, Reik Felag, based out of the Scandinavian Centre in Burnaby, British Columbia, I enjoy the experience of creating and wearing garments, as they would have and could have been made with historically available materials while being creative with more naturally based materials.

1000ad irish viking woman

Linen under gown with embroidery and wool overgown topped with hand embroidered hood with faux fur trim, hand woven belt and 2 embroidered pouches... can be custom made starting at $250CDN


Creating and retailing artisan clothing, jewellery and gifts

with Faery Tale, Celtic, Geek, Steampunk, Victorian and Viking inspiration

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SOLD: Viking Woman 1000AD Ireland

Linen coif; wool, linen and faux fur embroidered hood; wool over gown with linen under dress; Celtic and viking embroidered pouches on hand woven belt Costume can be custom made starting at $300 CDN Leaning against hand carved and painted prop standing stone created for Reik Felag Norse Cultural Recreation Society in Burnaby, BC Standing Stone can be custom made starting at $200 CDN